Get a Domain Name


Domain name
The name of a website that you type in an address bar. This site's domain name is
Top-level domain (TLD)
The extension of a domain name, like .com, .net, .xyz, etc.
A service authorized to reserve a domain name for you.

When domain names first sell, they usually sell for very cheap, but once someone buys one, they have the rights to it until they decide to sell it, often for much, much more money. Therefore, it's a good idea to reserve a domain name ASAP, even if you didn't intend on doing anything big with it.

So let's register your domain name!


Domains can be registered at any accredited registrar and there are a lot to choose from. Some major names are Host Gator, Blue Host, Name Cheap or Dream Host.

There are also sites that are more private, like Njalla and Cheap Privacy, which register a domain for you under their name, but still allow you access to it. (Normally all websites must be registered with the ICANN with a real name and address, but these sites allow you to bypass that.)

Choosing a registrar is not permanent, and you can transfer domains to a different registrar if you get a better deal later, so in most cases, you can just choose one and let’s head on…

Basic info about domain names

Looking for domain names

Let's go to our registrar’s site and you can search for domain names.

You can look for whatever domain name you want. Domains that are already bought and owned by someone else might have the option to "Backorder," but it's always best to get one that is unowned, like these:

Searching for a domain name

Note the differences in prices. Some "specialty" TLDs like .game and .io charge a much larger fee, although you might want one. Some domains above, like .xyz and .org have reduced prices for the first year.

Choose the domain you want and buy it. These .xyz domains are a steal now on sale.

Buying a domain name

That's all you have to do to own a domain name! As you register a domain, you can also setup an automatic payment to pay your fee yearly to keep your domain. Easy as pie.

Now we will get a server to host your website on.