This is, a site dedicated to turning internet peasants into Internet Landlords by showing them how to setup websites, email servers, chat servers and everything in between.

Starting a website is something that can be done in a lazy afternoon and costs pocket change.

Most of the internet’s problems could be solved if more people had their own personal platforms, so the objective of this site is to guide any normal person through the process of installing a website.

Start a website

This is the basic “course.” Follow these quick tutorials and you’ll have a fully functioning basic web page on the domain name of your choice.

⏳ This “basic course” can take as little as an hour or even less.

“Build your own platform!”

Host your own services, social media and more.

Setup an Email Server

This is the email “course”. Follow these modules to learn how to setup an email server headache free.

⏳ This entire “email course” may take about an hour. The approval for opening email ports with your VPS should take no less than a day.

Maintaining a Server

Tips and articles on mastering your server and learning about GNU/Linux systems administration.